Saptamana internationala a alaptarii – Ziua 6

Intrebari comune despre alaptare – Partea 1 – Ai destul lapte?
Alege-ti intelept ce ganduri sa gandititi si ce oameni sa va sfatuiasca. In orice zona a vietii.

Proaspetele mamici primesc muulte sfaturi si sfatuitori in spatiul lor atunci cand vine vorba de nastere si alaptare. Deseori sunt sfatuite superficial sa suplimenteze cu lapte praf sau sa opreasca alaptarea de tot. In timp ce asta spune multe despre mama spune la fel de multe si despre “consilieri”.

Alaptarea este un proces la fel de natural ca si respiratia.


Breastfeeding questions Part1 – “Do you have enough milk?”

Choose WISE-ly the people you receive advice from. In any area of your life.

New mothers get a loooot of unsolicited advice and it mostly revolves around breastfeeding. They are often advised to supplement or stop breastfeeding completely. While that tells a lot about the mom it also tells a lot about the “qualified” health professionals.

Breastfeeding is as natural of a process as breathing is.

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