Saptamana internationala a alaptarii – Ziua 5

De ce plang bebelusii ? – Partea 2 din 2 – Cauzele emotionale

In video vorbesc despre cauzele emotionale pentru care plang CEL MAI ADESEA bebelusii.

Datorita incapacitatii noastre de a ne observa detasat, de a numi, a intelege si a trai propriile emotii vedem dificil spre imposibil ca o fiinta atat de mica precum un bebelus sa fie incercata de emotii. Ba mai mult corelam aparitia emotiilor cu cea a momentului vorbirii.

Educarea noastra din punct de vedere emotional o sa ne elibereze copiii spre noi orizonturi de potential uman.

Day 5 – International Breastfeeding Week

Why do babies cry? – Part 2 of 2 – Emotional reasons

This video is about the actual reasons why babies cry most often.
Because we, ourselves, are unable to be mindful around emotions not knowing how to name, understand and surf their wave we think it is difficult or maybe impossible for such a tiny human being -like a baby -to go through the process of “feeling” an emotion. Moreover, we associate the onset of emotions with that of verbal communication.

Educating ourselves emotionally wise will set our children free to explore new horizons of human potential.