The Calorie Myth

The Calorie Myth

Do you know the harms that it does to your body?

“eat less + exercise more = weight loss”

This formula intuitively sounds correct but it is woefully incomplete. What it says : we get fat when we eat more than our body can “burn” in terms of energy.
So what do we do ? we eat less, we count more.

As a response to a lower quantity of food the body goes into a so called “starvation mode” where the metabolism is slowed down at 50% of it’s capacity.

Metabolism does not occur in the body alone. It operates equally and simultaneously in our mind, emotion and spirit.

We adopt this “calorie” type of thinking because we want to feel IN control – of our food, our thoughts, our life. Unfortunately we are setting our mind and our spirit for a big crash which will eventually pull along the body as well.

Oftentimes what is needed is not to focus on the cells and biology and the diagnosis only which is where we put 90% of our energy but also to focus on the biogReal foodraphy – who are? what happened to you?  what “shaped” you the way you are?

You might need love, you might need a hug, you might need somebody to listen to your story, you might not really need to do that math every meal.

So it is :

biology as well as biography

cell  as well as the self

curing  as well as healing

” You can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it” Albert Einstein.