Fermented foods gently bring your inner ecosystem back into a state of balance.

Sauerkraut made easy. I used to think pickles are the mom-granny job. Well … I grew up. It’s my job now.

– 2 big cabbage heads – grated or shredded

– a handful of dill – dried works best for the flavor; fresh gets wilted after two days but it works perfect as well

– thyme – one tiny twig (dried or fresh)

– water – chlorine free (so that good bacteria can develop)

– sea salt – iodine free (so that good bacteria can develop)

– horseradish root – optional (for keeping the cabbage more firm)

– time

1.Grate or shred the cabbage and toss it with the salt in a large mixing bowl. (If you insist on massaging it thoroughly it will release lots of water and it will get too wilted after the fermentation is ready )

2.Add the herbs and cover it with water. Let the time do it’s magic ~2/3 days. Taste the liquid after one day to see if it’s salty enough.

It should taste salty (but not over salty)

3.Transfer the sauerkraut to glass jars and pack it down tightly until it is completely submerged by liquid.

Store in the fridge to stop the fermentation process.

Important : (I cannot stress this enough) sauerkraut should be eaten raw – not cooked to benefit of all the nutrients and obviously the probiotics