Rose hips syrup – love and Vitamin C intake

Rose hips syrup – love and Vitamin C intake

We’ve put the game on hold and set off for rose hips picking  … Well at least I picked them , B took pictures of me ~ 27.

There is a lot more to our activity than the  obvious Vitamin C:

  • fresh air – we climbed a hill on the outskirts of the town, 20 minute drive from our house; and yes I had to pick B up and carry her for some parts of the walk – it is part of my daily weight lifting workout;
  • sun shine – natural source of vitamin D in it’s purest form – we take advantage of it every single bit (it’s cheaper than taking your child to the mall and feeding him Vit D from a bottle )
  • spontaneous learning – your child has the natural desire to learn and experience new things; no need for a specific setting: desks, black board, teacher, “I talk, you listen” (possibly with your hands at the back)
  • food comes from nature – when you get to find, observe and pick your food some kind of weird transformation happens : your child will stop being a picky eater; hence B. had her own bag where she mannaged to collect (with help) 12 rose hips and she wanted to see the way we make the syrup; she even skipped lunch for that; it made her very proud to see that her tiny harvest transformed into syrup; so it works!
  • I logged out – I am talking here about taking my child out for a walk when actually she was the one taking me out for some fresh air; totaly disconnected for a perfect reconnection




We made the syrup, in the blender with water and raw,  unpasteurized honey – everything cold pressed (not so cold – it was at room temperature). Keep refrigerated only.

Why don’t we cook the fruits that contain Vitamin C? Because it is the most thermolabile: it is inactivated by heat.

Our body does not produce Vitamin C – so we take it from natural clean sources.





We take oranges as a staple in terms of Vitamin C content. Take a look at the rose hips:

Food Vitamin C content in mg/100g
Rose hips  426   (beat that!)
Orange (fresh)  53.2