Level up

Level up

Before (May 2007)& After (May 2014)( 3 yo baby in between – hairstyle holds)

You want to be at the top of the mountain … right now isn’t it? Then you’ve got to climb it.

As a new mom and an ex Software developer I know ( I really know) what “time” means.
Physical activity was the last thing on my mind when I had exams (during the college years) or when I came home from the office (exhausted from the tight deadlines) or when my baby needed breastfeeding, diaper changing, a walk to the park or when my husband needed dinner and we literally had no clean plates to eat on.

I learned however that 24 hours is what everyone gets every day (amazing right?) and cheap excuses are something that you get everywhere so I started taking charge of my time and prioritizing smartly. Physical activity did not happen for me until I did not schedule it.

Whatever stage you are in at this point with your fitness journey it’s time you got yourself to the next level.