Corporate Seminars


Rather than telling people what to do I try to educate and inspire them to improve their health through lasting and meaningful behaviour change.

Entertaining presentations combined with discussions about healthy living and exercises to help create healthy habits make the workshops highly beneficial.

The presentation style utilizes an interactive approach and group exercises, to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment.  Participants also receive valuable giveaways to further their knowledge.

Level up your corporate health – Seminar


Corporate wellness workshops are a perfect first step if you’re looking to improve workplace health.

In this seminar participants will learn:

  • Foods and lifestyle approaches with a higher nutritional value
  • The effects of sugar on health and energy
  • Eating “out of a/the box”
  • The Stress Response – How to Control It!
  • Practical exercises for physical and mental relaxation
  • What’s love got to do with this
  • Ways to efficiently take action towards achieving goals
  • Options for having ongoing support after the workshop


Know your Cravings – Seminar


Food contains mood and energy altering properties.

A craving represents a desire to feel better emotionally or to shift your energy – it is a warning light signaling an unresolved inner need.

Learn how to listen to your gut feelings to identify what area of your life needs attention. Reduce the power of food cravings to control you by learning to interpret why you crave a particular food. Discover what your cravings and inner voice is telling you.

In this seminar participants will learn:

  • Connection between cravings, mood swings and emotions
  • Different types of cravings
  • Sugar and the primal instinct
  • Why we crave things and what our body is trying to tell us
  • Hormones, cravings and will power
  • How to balance those ups and downs and eliminate the mood and energy swings
  • Solutions for deconstructing your cravings

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ― Albert Einstein