Family Sessions

Yes I do believe that children CAN eat broccoli. And I can prove that 🙂

Juicy apples program – It’s FREE

Cooking healthy should be fun and so should be the eating. So let’s encourage the children to give it a try.

Here at the Juicy apples program we observe, cut, chop, smell, love, bake, blend, love again, get dirty, plant, understand, lay the table, taste, enjoy and learn in a Montessori way.

We create an environment where we make sure to fully engage the child in all the activities : from choosing the foods to serving and eating. They will have the chance to feel and experience different types of foods, tastes, textures  in their own way and at their own pace.


fresh fruits and vegetables

Why ?

Your  child is happy to know :

  • where the food comes from
  • how it naturally grows
  • how it looks as a whole
  • what is the natural taste
  • explore new foods

Given the opportunity the child has the inner wisdom to choose what his body really needs when it comes to food.  We were all born with this instinct and it should come naturally.

See results :

We choose to work with whole real foods which will have a tremendous impact on the kids in terms of:

  • how they feel
  • how much energy they have
  • their strength and brain power
  • how they look
  • how often they get sick
  • allergies

What we experiment here is more than just learning what foods are good to eat – WAY more! (and it’s fun, too!)


Important :

  • age groups 3-4, 4-5
  • 6 kids in a group
  • we provide the ingredients and the tools
  • the classes will last for approximately 1h 30 min

 Dates of the events will be announced in advance.