Virtual Group Program – Reveal your Goddess body

Virtual Group Program – Reveal your Goddess body

Do you want to know what was the object that I used to hate the most except for the scales? The mirror.

I have ignored it quite a lot. It had a hard time becoming my friend again even though it did nothing wrong. It was merely reflecting back … and sometimes it was listening to my thoughts. They were not nice! At all! 

Now … it is reflecting roughly the same image as before plus something more. That “something” makes all the difference: twinkle in the eyes, energy in the body, love in the soul, peacefulness in the mind. It shines so bright that sometimes I need to put on sun glasses when I look at it 🙂 

I know you have gone through:

  • the frustration of a new diet,
  • the rush of losing 3 pounds in the first 3 days,
  • the torture of the “eat this, don’t eat that” way of thinking,
  • the surrender by the fourth day with
  • the associated guilt and shame.

What follows? Putting more weigh than before and a deep feeling of incompetence and a loud voice in my head: ” I will never be able to lose the extra weight! Never! “

How I felt? 

I had the will power and the drive 

but still    I felt I was failing big time

I had the WHOLE world of information

but still    I was unable to distill the knowledge

I had several (school) diplomas under my belt  

but still     I felt quite incompetent

I had a lot of friends

but still     I felt so alone on this journey

I am a free spirit

but still     I was lacking autonomy in my choices

 I am optimistic 

but still    I had a relationship full of negativity and extremes towards my body


“I will feel better when I look better  … 

I will look better when I invest in myself …

But not now!”  


We were conditioned to have a subconscious mindset of lack, scarcity, fear, unworthiness. Moreover taking care of ourselves is an act of selfishness. Therefore we always prioritise and focus on other things and others first.


Maybe this is the moment you have been waiting for to:

Purple_Diamond stop and say “YES” to YOURSELF 

Purple_Diamond set yourself free

Purple_Diamond see who you really are and speak your truth

Purple_Diamond shine (like a diamond)


Program starts July 3rd 2016, 20:30PM EET


This program is for you if:

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu you want to leave the dieting struggle behind and start the self love journey

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu you wish to release the weight without using your will power and control

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu food is the “solution” whenever the feelings get too though

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu you feel overwhelmed by your weight 

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu you feel like this body of yours was meant to look like this forever (she has it in the genes)

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu you feel stuck and don’t know where the blocks come from or how to move them away

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu you’ve lost precious time constantly prioritizing others first

il_340x270.567950476_q3gu you know you are here for a BIGGER reason (it is not your flat abs) and you want to find it / live it/ manifest it

The program includes:

  • 8 LIVE session calls 1.5 hrs each. And I know you are a busy woman that is why I will send you the recording and the session notes after each call. 
  • Simple, realistic  and DELICIOUS recipes  (not shared with anywhere so far 😉 )
  • Infinite LOVE and support both from me and the other participating women on the Facebook secret group 
  • Acces to my favourite meditation and workout resources
  • Live: 4 recipes cooked by me in the kitchen together with you (virtually of course) – my “go-to recipes” recipes that saved me whenever I was short on time

You will

  • re-learn to fully trust your body and that is where LOVE begins
  • positively transform your relationship with food 
  • mindfully choose to use food as a healing mechanism
  • stop going with the flow “just because others do/say so” 
  • miraculously release your weight REVEALING YOUR GODDESS BODY  … I know this will happen because these pounds have done their job: They brought you here 🙂
  • you start attracting positive situations
  • you rise stronger, releasing all the physical and mental blockages …and you will take off … to whatever destination you choose – being a victim has not helped you soar high 
  • people around you will see a spark in your eyes, <something> … but they cannot tell what exactly it is 

 Sessions calendar:




Guest Speaker


03.07.2016 20:30

A new “you”


17.07.2016 20:30

Food as medicine


31.07.2016 20:30

Food as love


14.08.2016 20:30

Self care & detox 


28.08.2016 20:30

Movement. Relaxation. Meditation


11.09.2016 20:30

Intuition. Spirituality. Feminine Energy


25.09.2016 20:30

Senzuality. Love. Sex & Intimacy 


09.10.2016 20:30

Wisdom of our body.


This program is different because:

  • You do not want anyone to tell you exactly what to eat, how much, when and how to move – Enough with the rules! … Others’ rules! It is time to discover what exactly nourishes YOU. You will discover what form of physical activity you enjoy deep down in your heart
  • You are willing to feel your feelings and look your emotions in the eyes – I know they have accumulated and you might think they grew up like dragons andt hey might eat you alive if you let them out. But, in reality, if you open the door, you’ll see that they’re little crying kittens. They’re as afraid as you are.
  • You do not want the “saving pill”. Not anymore! – That would mean that “something” or “someone” from the outside should do the job for you without your involvement. But LOVE is a two-way road. And you are here to love and be loved.
  • You know you do not “have” to be “fixed” – That would mean that you have a “defect” which is not true. You are be as PERFECT and complete as you can possibly be. I’m here to prove that to you  every step of the way … until you will get it too.
  • You ARE WILLING to make a commitment to yourself for the next four months 

Facebook group:

Because special meetings need an intimate space, I created a private group on Facebook where I wholeheartedly encourage you to share your “aha moments”, your ideas and beliefs – the ones you have released or the ones that your are still work at.

I will constantly share nuggets, tips and tricks and how I cope with the vulnerable moments.


  • 50 RON weekly investment in you for the duration of the program (4 months)
  • Total cost:  800 RON
  • Payment options: 
    • 1 payment of 720 RON
    • 2 payments of 400 RON (2nd payment before the 5th session)
  • First 7 women to enroll get an added discount of 10% off  
    • 1 payment of 640 RON
    • 2 payments of 360RON 
    • Update 6th June: these seats have been sold. Thank you!
  • First 5 women to enroll get a free 50 min Breakthrough session with me before the program starts: 
    • Update 6th June: these seats have been sold. Thank you!
  • Steps to enroll:
    • use the button below to go to anymeetingYou need to fill in First Name, Last Name, Email, CNP in order to generate bill
    • You receive an invoice by mail
    • The bill is paid online through home banking or by payment order to the bank
  • Payment details:
    • Cont IBAN: RO71INGB0000999905025882
    • To: S.C. Consiliere Sanatate S.R.L.
    • Payment description: Virtual group payment 


Connection details:

  • We use an online conference program – – it’s very easy
  • Register via the button above – you will receive a confirmation email
  • You will receive an email reminder the day before and one hour before.
  • Take 2 minutes before the session starts in order to go to the webinar page – find it in the email
  • Make sure you can hear me speaking
    • If these problems occur during the connection proceed to the following steps (in this order):
    • Use a standard browser – Google Chrome, Mozia Firefox, Internet Explorer version 11
    • Sound check computer with another website (e.g.
    • Refresh the page
    • Close other tabs in the browser – to be just webinar
    • Close other applications outside the browser, refresh the page

     Love yourself more than another diet!