How to avoid gaining pregnancy weight? (part 1 of 4)

How to avoid gaining pregnancy weight? (part 1 of 4)


Episode 1 – Eating like a goddess

Eating well during pregnancy means way more than simply  I N C R E A S I N G  how much you eat. Usually the quantity is our main focus (and this comes from a fear of lack … which is just a fear) when, actually,  the quality should take priority.

The quality of our food but moreover the quality of our thoughts and stories that we choose to have and believe in because they are the trigger of our choices for what to eat, what to wear, how to interract with others. 

During my first pregnancy I gained 19 pounds. Nature helped a lot (I did not know the things I do now): I constantly felt nauseous for sweet or cooked or processed food (fried things were a total No-No for my body). I ate green salads with lots of lemon juice (I mean 3 or 4 lemons squeezed on top) for about 3 months. I know now that nausea is nature’s way of cleaning your body for the little one and fasting (induced by nausea in this case) is the most efficient method for doing that.

Principles of my lifestyle which have remained constant throughout pregnancy:

1. I start my day with cranberry water (or lemony water or simply filtered water)

Cranberry infused water

Cranberry infused water


  • this is how I am “cleaning the house” – the digestive tract
  • it helps the elimination process first thing in the morning – most of the fat we gain is due to not having this habit in our daily routine
  • that rehydrates both me and the baby. Often the baby has no other mechanism to communicate his needs other than through the mother’s system (1). So, maybe, my thirst is not always mine. 
  • starting my day by doing something good for my body sets myself on a positive trajectory right from the begining

Principle: Start your day with YOU.

(… not with your emails, phone, latest facebook activity, news on tv/radio, newspaper, not with the meeting at the office, i.e. not with other and their businesses).

2. I eat lots of locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables 

Farmers market (and not the supermarket) is the place where I buy my food. Considering how much watermelon I have eaten throughout the summer my husband and my daughter started calling the baby:  “What’s up tiny watermelon? ” 

What ratio of food is still alive in your plate? What ratio is processed? How many steps? Do an exercise and count the steps of processing you can track backwards.

PrincipleLive in the here and now with food that grows in the here and now.

My lunch in the car, in front of the kindergarden. Broccoli in my garden.Fruits from my parents. Pears from my garden.

My lunch in the car, waiting in front of the kindergarden. Broccoli in my garden. Fruits from my parents. Pears from my garden. 

3. My food is exclusively homemade

Real Food - My lunch/dinner.

Real Food – My lunch/dinner.

From scratch. Using products without ingredients.

  1. I say “homemade” and not “home cooked” because the “transformation process” does not involve many steps: washcut (optional), eat. Do not complicate the situation by finely chopping /grating/ sauté-ing / frying / boiling / parboiling / extra cooking :). You are pregnant, save your energy.
  2. The food is infused with my love, my feelings, my good vibes and when I eat it the good energy returns into my body and nourishes it on a deeper level. In the same manner eating the food prepared by restaurant/catering chefs we internalize their energy, thoughts, day to day problems. 
  3. Physically I avoid hormones, food colorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers, vaccines and medicines, sugar, salt, teflon, extra fried oils (this is pure cancer by the way), aluminium, etc. I allow my body to run on clean food so that it does not have to create deposits* of substances it cannot metabolize (*deposits = extra fat).
  4. I understood that eating out, on the run, from corner shops, pastry shops and street stands gives me a body ripped up in a hurry, with a poor health waiting to blow at every corner and a body image that I do not appreciate or admire. Invest more than 2% to get more than 2%.
  5. I never follow recipes … I invent them so … I make mistakes (quite a lot in the beginning), I try to fix them, I throw the food sometimes. I will cook again no matter what. 
  6. I do not take supliments but I eat a rainbow = a simple way to get all the nutrients is by eating a variety of foods with different colours every day. I am not stuck on potatoes bread and meat.

Principle: Anything (really anything)  I cook/prepare at home is 10 000 times better than its restaurant version. 

4. I drink water not “liquids”.  

Sodas, concentrated juices, coffee, alcohol out of the picture. For ever ever? Yes.

Why? I allow my liver and my kidneys to heal.

Nothing that comes out of a cardboard box, a plastic bag, an aluminium can, a plastic bottle and sits on the shelf for more than 1 day at room temperature can possibly be good for my body. Be wise about that. Educate yourself. 

 Principle: First do health and weight will come off naturally.  


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(1) Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj M.D. – Your Body’s many Cries for Water (report)