How to avoid gaining pregnancy weight? (part 3 of 4)



7. I don’t go to the gym; BUT I do physical activity and lymph drainage massage. 

I have previously explained why I stopped going to the gym and how it never inspired me to be consistent (and I am not the “find some excuses” type of person), to love my body and  understand it, it never inspired me to understand and hear myself.

In spring I had my Vit D levels checked and it was way tooo low for my pregnancy needs. So I prescribed myself a looot of outdoor activities in order to raise that level:get out in the sun at least 4 times per week around midday (that’s when UVB’s are high and our bodies produce Vit D). So I chose to have a 3 in 1: climbing the heal, producing vit D (20 – 45 minutes depending on the color of my skin), breathing oxygen.

Our lymph system holds the inability/unwillingness to forgive self or others. So moving the lymph regularly heals both physically  and emotionally. We literally let go …  that means we do not carry around that weight anymore. 

The imune system gets healthier as the lymph gets moved. Did you know that a baby gets born with his mother’s lymph?  If the mother does not take care of her lymph (we all have stagnant lymph to one degree or another) what is the health that he/she will start of with?

The massage helps the lymphatic system tremendously. What I have also noticed is that we lack human touch so much. 


8. I Meditate

No, I don’t look like this: meditation monk

  • meditation does not mean “thoughts free zone”. That would mean that no one would ever meditate. Never.
  • meditation does not mean a long time. Whatever feels comfortable to you – 1 min, 3 min, … 8 min … it’s perfect. Quality over quantity is all that matters here.
  • meditation has nothing to do with your religion or spirituality level. I see it as an excellent method of relaxation and stress reduction.

How does it help me?

  • I wake up earlier;
  • I fall asleep earlier;
  • I sleep waaay better;
  • It helped me parenting in a way I never thought it was possible
  • I have more patience for myself and others; 
  • I am “fed by the joy” that comes from within and I rarely choose the one that comes from the outside (chocolate, shopping, food, etc.)
  • I am aware about the present moment versus “my happiness will come with this shift in the future” (e.g. I will love my body more when I drop 10 pounds” 
  • I have more self esteem
  • I judge (myself) less