My Chocolate – Kids’ play

– What am I supposed to do with the chocolate craving?
– Is it a constant craving in your body?
– Oh, I am talking about my child.
– Well then let’s give your child some healthy, nutritious, filled-with-your-love piece of chocolate.

Ciocolata simpla

Basic Chocolate

I do not believe that kids are born with the idea of “chocolate” imprinted in their DNA. At least not the version sold in supermarkets today. Mom, dad, grandparents might have bought it at some point and introduced the taste.

The common thinking : “You simply can not put the baby in an ivory tower, one way or another he will end up seeing things.” My answer: “That’s a good excuse (the easiest, actually) to do nothing and wait for the food industry to feed your baby.

Why do children want chocolate? What about the grown ups? When does that need for a piece of chocolate kick in? And then another one and another one … 🙂 well make it the whole bar?

Children, just like adults, will seek chocolate mainly for two reasons: an emotional and a physiological one.

As humans we are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. When there is no love, play, joy and harmony around them, children will try to recreate the feelings and the positive energy which surrounds them by resorting to the handiest solution: sweets!

And if they have already experienced the “high” triggered by sugar in their body they will know where to find it again.

“What do you mean there is no Love – I love my baby!” You know that! I know that! But what does your little one think when you drop him at the day care and you leave him surrounded by strangers? He does not even know that you will come back. When? He doesn’t grasp the concept of time nor does he have a watch to wear around (not that he needs one).

Play. Try to spend more time with you child in nature (the playground next to your apartment building does not count) with real games – in the grass, trees, flowers, straw, sticks, water, mud, etc. Amusement carousels at the mall do not offer anything more than just some burst of adrenaline, stress, noise and more lights to keep him alert.

2013-01-28 13.42.03

The fascinating activity of making a snow man

On the other hand, if the reason for craving it is purely physiological, that means we really need the vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3), the minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium), the fiber then I’ll give you the alternative.  And may I say that it’s not “photoshoped” with food colourings, flavors and sugar either?

My Chocolate is simple and is fun. And I don’t bother about any carcinogenic substances either so I can share it with my tiny one  without second thoughts. You don’t even have to sneak around to eat it.


Ciocolata cu nuca

Walnut version


– 100 g of coconut oil

– 6 tablespoons carob powder

– 3 tablespoons maple syrup (raw honey won’t do the thing – so do not substitute this time)

– 1 teaspoon natural vanilla

Optional: coarsely ground walnuts – extra zing

Mix all the liquid ingredients with a spoon then add the powders. Line a food tray with film and pour the composition to evenly distribute it. Pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes.