I’d like to say that changes can happen overnight, but it wouldn’t be true.

After 11 weight-loss diets (I counted twice to make sure), 2 allergy episodes, multiple sinusitis, acne, extra kilograms, allergic rhinitis, compulsive eating due to stress or emotional state and having such a low morale, I understood that this is not the way to go in order to help my body.

I know how difficult it can be both physically and mentally to deal with health problems while continuing your daily work and family activities. I thought that illness just is, that my allergy came out of the blue from some fabric in the pants I wore or some food I ate at a hotel abroad and it will go away after a quick shower (true story). I thought that my acne can be controlled with medication and (expensive) face cleanse lotions and if any of these did not work for me, I’m to blame, I’m the problem.

I visited allergists(4), dermatologists(2), even nutritionists(2) and then a therapist (only one), I did all the medical tests. Each of them had their own opinion about how I should “cover” my allergy problem and extra kilos because there was no time for solving the underlying problem during the 15 minute visit. I needed a personalized approach with a broader scope – mind, body, feelings, soul, emotions, past, stress : life.

I studied for my master’s degree in computer science for 6 years in order to spend a further 8 years in IT as a software developer. Somewhere towards the end of my IT career I spent two amazing years in my maternity leave.

As a side “job” to my “stay at home mom” I invested in me and in my professional development both personally and formally – conferences, seminaries, Institute for Integrative Nutrition – the biggest nutrition school in the world.

I joined IIN hoping to get a “degree” to show for my personal research into nutrition, something that will give me the necessary instruments to share my experience, but I realized how little I knew about what I thought I knew: bio-individuality, primary food, intuition and listening, self-organizing and personal growth, a mentality for abundance, etc.

I got a front row view on what nutrition really is and the way foods, thoughts, stress and emotions directly influenced my wellbeing and health. In 2011, when I had to choose between breastfeeding and allergy medication, I realized that “what’s in the way is the way” – I understood that my “illness” have a purpose. I began to adopt the principles I learned into my own diet and I started to cure my allergies and my acne without any drugs, no prescriptions, no magic powders, no  medical interventions.

I discovered a level o health and energy that I never knew I could have. Thanks to this deep change in me and my family’s health, I felt that it’s time to do more, to share my “discovery” with others.

Now, I share my 48 hour day between being a mommy, wife, play partner, cook/chef, entrepreneur, health counselor and  researcher on the psychology of eating habits, nutrition, health and life.