2015 – Discover your potential

Here we are in 2015!
Our most healthiest and happiest self!

Even if right now I wish I lived at the tropics, considering the high temperatures that I operate properly in, my wishes are the warmest they can be, right from my heart: may this be our best year yet – in all areas of your life.

A hug for welcoming back!



In my posts this year I will show you how you can access your inner potential and wisdom (some call it intuition) to take control of your life. Whether it’s money, time or nutrition, physical activity, relationships, career we feel that we have control over our lives but at a closer look we are often walking the path of another. How do you know this? It’s really crowded. If you had your way, it would be unbeaten.

Among the methods in which we stand in our ways I chose to talk about excuses and self negative talk.

“Sorry! You wished to change?”

We have the tendency – developed and maintained by us and by others (usually parents) to limit ourselves …. constantly. Ourselves, our children, “he can’t go up there, he’s too small …” (said to my girl a nanny who was caring for a little boy – both children were of the same age). Just try to observe this phenomenon around.

Studies have shown that it is not change that excites people but progress.


Write something that you feel you need to do today for your health (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) and you did not.

Now write down three reasons why you’d like to do it (not because you have to).

Write three reasons why you did not. The most likely reasons were of the type “no time”, “no money”, “rain / snow / whatever you want,” “hurt back / neck / knee / other body part of your choosing” “I’m not ready yet,” “I’m afraid”, “what will people say?” (this is my favourite).

Apologies help … to keep you in a warm comfort zone where there is no chance for progress or taking action to achieve our goals.

“The words and your thoughts create your future.” Louise Hay


I kid you not.

The mindset is what stands between you and your goals. If in every glass / window / mirror reflection you passed by you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re ugly … guess what? You behave as such. In other words you are not what you eat but what you think. I said only half the story, Buddha said the rest: “All that we are is the result of what WE have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, We become. “

When I find myself in the middle of a negative discussion (usually with myself) I block my thoughts and rephrase: “Yes, I can!” “Yes I can find a solution” or “Yes, it’s hard work but can finish it.”

Therefore, we’ll spend less time this year for negative thoughts and excuses. We will use it instead for our personal progress.